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The company has new spinning unit of 20000 spindles (19 machines of Toyoda with auto-doffing) and 720 rotors (2 machines of Rieter R 40)
POLYCOTTON Yarns are all blow room blended with Rieter uniblend. Open End yarns are all from virgin fibre without waste addition.
Unit equipped with world class RIETER, KTTM and SCHLAFHORST machinery of the latest technology. Blow room line added vision shield to produce contamination controlled yarn and UNI blend, 1st time in Indian project, for homogeneity and better blend intimacy for polyester cotton blends. RIETER C-60 card which is the heart of the spinning technology. High performance comber with C.A.P.D.(computer aided process development ). Rieter D-40 Draw frame with spectrogram faults diagnosis system to avoid the seldom occurring yarn faults and Electro jet Speed Frames.
KTTM RXI 240e Ring Frames with contact less material handling i.e. with auto doffer

SCHLAFHORST 338 auto winders which are well known for package quality with contamination and foreign matter detector electronics yarn clearers.


RIETER R-40 Open End with contamination, foreign matter detector electronics yarn clearers. XORELLA yarn conditioning machine for better performance in down stream process.
  Comparison Between Blow Room Blending and Draw Frame Blending  
  Blow Room Blending   Draw Frame Blending  
Fibers are distributed randomly in the yarn cross section i.e. Index of irregularity = 1.48
Difficulty in achieving random distribution of fibers in the yarn cross section i.e.9 Index of irregularity is 1.92.
  Blow Room Blended yarn gives uniform fabric appearance after dyeing as compared to Drawframe Blending.