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Mohota family moved in textile business in 1898. This vast experience and expertise became the foundation of Pee Vee Textiles in 1990. The company came within own rights of Late Mr Gwaldas Mohota and Mr Arun Mohota in the year 1994. Mr Adarsh Mohota has joined business in 2008

- MD Pee Vee Textiles
Strength & Capabilities >> Quality Testing

At Pee Vee textiles Ltd, we focus on Quality of our Products. The company integrated on-line and real-time quality control, monitoring, and assurance systems along with offline Quality Monitoring for consistency of our product quality.

Online Quality Monitoring :
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System.
  • Blow Room Line equipped with UNIFLOCK,UNIBLEND for PV and Poly cotton blends.Vision Sheild -2 & Magic eye in cotton line to produce contamination controlled yarn.
  • Card with Autoleveller and Automatic waste collection system.
  • High performance Comber with auto lap change Auto Piecing, Automatic Waste Collection and Packing System.
  • Draw Frame with Autoleveller & Sliver monitoring system.
  • Ring Frame with intelligent data system, with autodoffer and ULTIMO individual spindle monitoring system.
  • Link machine with Electronic Yarn clearer and on line quality monitoring system with contamination clearer.
  • Rieter R-40 Open End machine equipped with Rieter essentials.
  • U.V. checking of each and every cone for mix-up and contamination detection.
  • Effective waste evacuation & Material handling system.
  • Innovative Marketing Network & Operators training centre.
  • Units equipped with RIETER ESSENTIALS (FORMER UPTIME EXPERT SYSTEM) to support preventive maintenance & represent further steps towards digitization of spinning mills.
  • Units equipped with MURATEC AIR VORTEX & RIETER J-26 Air jet spinning machine to produce 100% VSF, 100% PSF, 100% Cotton & Poly cotton blends. Working environment of Airjet Spinning section supported by Chiller plant.
Offline Quality Monitoring :

Consistency in quality and customers satisfaction is our prime object. This is achieved by continuous on line and off line Quality-monitoring system. Well equipped QA laboratory. to check the raw material & finished goods by trained & High-tech team with R & D support for continual improvement .

  • Uster Evenness Tester ( UT-5 & UT-3).
  • Uster Classimat quantum ( CMT III ).
  • Uster Tensorapid ( UTR-4).
  • USTER HVI1000 M700
  • Count and Strength computer aided determination system.
  • TPI Tester.
  • Splice Yarn Strength Tester.
  • Yarn Tension meter.
  • Top Arm Guage and Nilometer for Top roller Pressure checking.
  • Oven to check Blend % and Moisture etc. in the Fibre & yarn.
  • Microscope.
  • ASTM Board making m/c.
  • Complete range of cotton testing i.e. length, strength, Trash, Micronaire , maturity%, SFI and Moisture %.
  • Berkol Cot Grinding Machine to maintain consistency in quality.
  • Raw material handling system, inprocess material handling system Viz Speed frame bobbin transport system , Autodoffer in Ring frame , Linkconers & Autopalletization , spares storage system, Waste management system , controlled human resources management & Innovative marketing network is our key functionality tools.