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Mohota family moved in textile business in 1898. This vast experience and expertise became the foundation of Pee Vee Textiles in 1990. The company came within own rights of Late Mr Gwaldas Mohota and Mr Arun Mohota in the year 1994. Mr Adarsh Mohota has joined business in 2008

- MD Pee Vee Textiles
Spinning Products

PV Blend & Synthetic Yarn

• Ne 1/10s - Ne 1/60s in Polyester Viscose Blends.
• Ne 1/20s - Ne 1/30s in 100% Polyester.
• Ne 1/20s - Ne 1/40s in 100% Viscose.
• Ne 2/24s - Ne 2/60s in Ring doubled autoconed spliced yarn in P/V Blends.
• Fancy Yarn - Producing controlled & uncontrolled slub yarn in PV Blends for above counts.

Cotton & Poly Cotton Blended Yarn

• Ne 10s - 30s 100% Karded cotton.
• Ne 16s - 30s 100% combed cotton.
• Ne 30s - 60s 100% combed compact cotton yarn.
• Ne 8s - 20s 100% Karded cotton O.E. yarn.
• Ne10s - 20s KPC 65/35 O.E.yarn.
• Ne16s - 30s combed P/C 65/35 Ring spun yarn.
• Ne15s - 40s C P/C 65/35 Vortex Yarn having very less hairiness hence low pilling tendency.
• Ne30s - 40s 100% VSF Vortex Yarn.
• We spin fancy yarn in 100% cotton irregular slub and core spun yarn for combed and karded counts.

100% Combed Compact

• Ne 30s - 40s 100% Combed Cotton Compact.
• 2/30s - 2/50s Compact SIRO contamination controlled yarn.


• We make lycra from count 16s to 40s using 40D , 70D and 105D.