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Mohota family moved in textile business in 1898. This vast experience and expertise became the foundation of Pee Vee Textiles in 1990. The company came within own rights of Late Mr Gwaldas Mohota and Mr Arun Mohota in the year 1994. Mr Adarsh Mohota has joined business in 2008

- MD Pee Vee Textiles
Automha Warehouse
Automha (Automatic Storage & Retreival Warehouse)
  • Automha Warehouse Manager (AWM), a software application for storing & retrieval management of warehouse within optimization and respect of stored goods. Storage capacity- 11,000+ fabric rolls.
  • Warehouse control system (WCS), a software application for orchestrating activity flow within a warehouses and distribution center. WCS directs the real-time activities within warehouses and distribution centers (DC).
  • Optimization of space i.e. more storage in lesser space due to vertical storage of material.

Automha WareHouse Manager Functional Distribution

  • Defines location in warehouse where incoming fabric rolls have to be stored-in.
  • Defines location in warehouse where outgoing rolls have to be extracted.
  • Requests incoming roll storage. Sending AWM requests of roll movement from a given interface conveyor to a given location.
  • Requests outgoing roll extraction. Sending AWM requests of roll movement from a given location to given interface conveyor.
  • Manages fabric rolls/products retrieval and related manual request of extraction (i.e. roll extraction out of shipping/picking process).
  • Coordinates activities with Automha Master- PLC.
  • Manage transfer from given infeed interface conveyors to given warehouse location.
  • Manage transfer from given warehouse location to outfeed given interface conveyors.
  • Manual request of pallet extraction by defined position (user requests to extract first available roll in a tunnel giving complete coordination, i.e. aisle, side, X and Y coordination)

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

  • Keeps everything running smoothly.
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the material handling subsystems.
  • Provides a uniform interface to a range of material handling equipment such as SRM, carousels, conveyor systems, sorters, palletizers, etc.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Field supervision.
  • Errors/alarms management.

Caru - Corduroy Cutting Machine

  • Pee Vee textiles limited has state-of-the-art Corduroy cutting machine OF CARU,in order to meet changing market demand. We manufacture corduroy fabric in different compositions like 100% cotton, cotton/Lycra, Cotton/viscose with cotton lycra, Viscose/Cotton Lycra from 12 to 21 Wales/Inch as per customer’s requirement & providing cut fabric to them. We can cut corduroy fabric upto 1880 mm fabric width on this machine. The machine automatically measures & control fabric tension during cutting process, hence cutting of loops is very smooth which gives better look to the fabric & attracts customer.

Jacquard Looms

  • Pee Vee textiles limited has 16 Jacquard looms of Toyota make, JAT810-Air-jet with Staubli-LX3072 attachment in 190 cm to 210 cm width. We are manufacturing fabric of different designs in 100% cotton, 100% viscose & in other compositions as per market requirement& self innovations which are preferred by customers. The applications of jacquard fabrics are in shirting & suiting both.

Centac Compressor

  • We have recently commissioned centralized HT compressed air station, common for Spinning and Weaving department. Total design capacity of this compressed air station is 50,000 CFM against present requirement of 23000 CFM. At Present there are 2 Nos. of 10,000 CFM HT compressor and there is a provision for another 3 compressor of 10,000 CFM.

    The total setup will be:

    Air Compressor                     :             10,000 CFM X 5 Nos.
    MTA make air Dryer              :              6,000 X 10 Nos.
    Mihir Cooling tower               :              660 CMH X 3 Nos.
    KSB Pumps                          :              330 KLH X 5 Nos.
    EOT of Capacity                   :               8 Ton

Ladies Dormatory

  • It is well equipped with all amenities.

Job Opportunity for differently Abled Persons

  • In addition to various social responsibility missions taken by M/s Pee Vee Textiles, we are also contributing our bit for differently abled persons by providing them equal job opportunity. As such not only they, but members associated with them can live an honorable life. We, M/s Pee Vee Textiles take care of their feelings & accordingly boost their moral time through rewards & awards. We also treat them as an important part of our society & have employed around 30 persons for important production responsibilities.